Container Maintenance/Truck Scheduling

Scheduling is integrated with the customer file so information is accessed quickly when a customer calls for service. You can schedule a pick up, drop off, or switch immediately, including listing special instructions for the order. The computer will display truck and driver availability for any day in the future when you are entering the schedule items so conflicts are avoided. The schedule can also be used for sale shipments or any other events you want to schedule. The scheduling system prints driver dispatch tickets, either one at a time as dispatched or in a daily batch. Information on the customer, location, and special instructions are clearly printed for your driver.

Container Management module tracks the movement and location of all types of recycling containers. The container file record includes I.D. number, description, size, make/model, and license number for each container in your fleet.

Each container transaction is recorded, and includes time in, time out, customer, product shipped, and weight shipped. History can be viewed by inquiring via the container maintenance screen or from system reports