Specifically designed by people in the recycling/scrap processing industry. Visual Scrap automates your daily accounting and management information needs and is designed to be modular so it can be implemented in phases.

...the key ingredient to any successful recycling operation

Recycling Accounting

The Primary Module of Visual Scrap automates the buying and selling of scrap products and provides history information by commodity and customers. The Recycling module interfaces with the other modules, automatically updating inventory, accounts payable, accounts receivable, and the container management system.

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Inventory Management

A perpetual inventory system that keeps information on an unlimited number of products is simple with the Inventory Management module. Scale purchases and sales shipment automatically update inventory records during daily processing.

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Law Enforcement

VisualScrap covers all Law Enforcement requirements from taking/storing product and ID images to creating uploadable files to LeadsOnline and other enforcement agencies.

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General Ledger

The G/L provides an easy to maintain chart of accounts that reflects the accounting and information needs unique to your business.

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Maintain employee records, input payroll information, process payroll calculations, print payroll checks and reports with the Visual Scrap Payroll Processing and Reporting module.

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Accounts Payable

Customer/Vendor accounts payable records are integrated into Recycling Accounting and General Ledger and can be set up through the Recycling System module or Accounts Payable. Purchase for scrap products are accumulated separately and can be paid separately from regular expense and supply purchases.

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